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Calling all Quickfile users

Quickfile is a free online accounting software package which is quickly becoming a firm favourite with sole traders and newly formed businsses. Whilst not as in-depth or feature rich as 'paid' accounting software (it's free for a reason), it is none-the-less able to do most of the accounting tasks that a business needs.

Where does Breeze fit in? Well we have been asked to look into developing a link for a customer from their own database to Quickfile and vice versa. After spending a couple of days with the API software, coding examples and the customer's live data, we have been able to successfully 'connect' and create an integration for them that saves time, duplication of work and of course ultimately money off the bottom line.

Call Tammy on (313) 2090767 to see how we could help you connect with Quickfile and your internal databases and spreadsheets; remembering of course, that if you don't have one we can build it for you!

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