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It doesn't matter what industry you are in, whether you provide a service or products, whether you are based in the UK, USA or another country; every business will have common issues and similar process needs.
Here are just 4 projects we have been commissioned to build for out of the hundreds we have built over the last 13 years.
Delivery Planner

A route planning system was designed for a wholesale food and dry goods business to replace an existing manual paper based process which was a mixture of word documents, excel sheets, macros and lots of paper.


We used what they had built within excel and enhanced the process so that more of the order process was automated for the office and sales team.  We built a integration link between the software, excel and Sage 50 Accounts so that the data transfer and auditability was both accurate & transparent.


We built a key function that allowed them to produce more organised delivery schedules along with driver documentation, based on routes, vehicles and demand.  The planner gave them a drag and drop delivery planner and forecast delivery information so routes could be better managed and swiftly altered as needed.  With visability of available delivery spaces, the sales team could then focus on filling them and increaseing the revenue per day.


The software allowed them to steamline their internal processes, reduce the hours of night shift staff required for the planning and speed up the 'picking' process for delivery.  An ROI within a very short period of time.

Fresh! - Order Manager

A business that provides fresh produce to local pubs, restuarants, markets and schools needed a way to generate their customer orders quickly, with accurate and daily price changes, so that they could then 'pick' the delivery and get it delivered on time.


We added a template functionality for repeat orders, we added quick change price updates with history, we added inventory and weights and gave then the function to process their customer's orders from the first phone call right through to invoice on delivery. 


One system accessed by multiple users, one system with permission and access rights and one system which provided them with a ROI within 2 months through time saved, reduction of duplication & paperwork errors and better 'picking' logic for delivery.

Website & Third Party Integration

A large recruitment agency, processing 100s of payslips per week needed a way to integrate with thier current software for timekeeping into their Sage Payroll software.


Sage Payroll has it's limitations and unless they invested in the top end version, costing thousands of $s they needed to find a better way.


Breeze Technology developed a software application that integrated with their third party software, allowed them to process the data and then integrate into Payroll to produce accurate payslips and tax information.  Then to make things just a bit eaiser, we developed an online payslip application, that allowed the individuals to access their own payslips in a secure environment.


ROI within weeks - 1 process to integrate the data per week and then 1 process to sync accross to payroll.  Times, pay elements, deductions etc checked, thus reducing the amount of hours spent each week manually compiling the data for processing.

Spud Trader

Spud Trader has been built for the potato farmer, grower and packer in mind. 


It has been designed so that you can keep track of your customers, suppliers and hauilers, with all their invoice transactions. You are able to manage your daily transactions through a one screen view that details all that you need to help process.


You can create orders and amend current transactions as you need and keep track of tonnage and profit, and you are able to create invoices to your customers, suppliers and hauliers on a daily, weekly, monthly or ad-hoc basis.


Once the transaction is complete, print the invoice from Spud Trader and then Spud Trader will send the data to your Sage 50 Accounts software; simples.


Again, built for the potato farmer/grower however fully adaptable and customisable for any industry where tonnage, hauliers, weights are needed.

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