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We have a Pilot trial in progress that provides a barcode/QR Code scanning system to a Support Workers Mobile phone.  Your team can 'clock in/out' at a clients, get a client signature and syncronise back to the office in real time.  This is the first phase in this exciting new feature; more development and fuctions to come!


A software system that has been designed specifically for home assistance services providers and live-in care service agencies. has be used in the UK for more than 13 years, helping small service providers manage their staff, their clients, their bookings and ultimately their business operations better. 


Care services and home assistance services may differ in terms of regulations and governing bodies from one country to the next, BUT the principles and goals are the same; to provide an excellent level of care services to your clients.  As has been designed, built and is maintained in-house by Breeze Technology, we are able to work with our customers and customise the software to suit their specific needs.



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