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Our Team

Tammy Driver


Tammy is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the business, ensuring our customer's needs are exceeded and that the software we build is both robust and cost effective.


Tammy is the 'face' of both our US & UK businesses and from April 2015 has been based in Florida to help our new US customers realise their custom software needs.


Working with Chris for the last 19 years, she is also the 'other half' of the business.


Chris Glover


Chris is an expert programmer, developer and was responsible for our very first commercial version of CareFlex.


Chris has been part of the Breeze team since 2002, as a programmer and later as joint owner with Tammy.

His ability to build systems based on the customer's vision is without doubt and is 100% committed to ensuring what he and his team design are what the customer wants.


Chris manages the developer team and works with Tammy to ensure that the custom solutions we build are both 'spot on' and a perfect fit.


We are committed to using local reasource when the need arises.  So, if we find that need an additional team member to help us deliver your custom solution then we will work with a handful of locally skilled programmers; chosen for their exceptional customer focus and of course programming skills.

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