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Integration and API's


In the fast moving world that we find ourselves in today, the ability to communicate and integrate with other applications and technologies available to the small business is imperative.  A business can no longer stand still, it needs to ensure it has all the tools at their disposal so that they can deliver and exceed.  Breeze is able to help with that need through bespoke software integration and custom database links.

Sage 50 Accounts & Payroll


Breeze has been integrating systems, our software and third party applications into the Sage 50 product portfolio since 2001.


Experience is key and having worked with and integrated into the many different versions of Sage 50 Accounts & Payroll, we are well placed to help a business find a solution that works for them.


Whilst we are specialists with the UK versions; the coding behind this and that which is available in the US is the same.  Find the fields and objects you need, create some clever code that makes it 'talk' and the rest is childs play; a seamless link for the business.

Xero Accounting

Quickbooks Desktop Pro


Whilst many businesses are being 'courted' to leave Quickbooks staple software product for their new snazzy online version; there are many that simply prefer the security of having a desktop version of their business operations immediately available to them.


We all will move on and eventually online and cloud solutions will become part of the 'norm', however until then, we are there to support those business owners who don't feel the need to change and are perfectly happy with what their desktop version provides their business.





A relatively new addition to our team's portfolio of skills, but again very similar principles and rules.


Successful integration links have been developed using the Xero API, which like any integration project, each is unique to the business that wants it and each is unique to the software or third party application it connects to.


Nothing is impossible - it just needs to be logical!

Software API's


Practically every software product that is any good has an API tool for developers like us to take, use and implement custom solutions.


It may not be a seamless integration and involve some coding inbetween, BUT, with this API we can build links and data transfer routines that connect to your current software.


RECENT API's for integration include Xero Accounting, Sales Force, QuickFile Accounting, Pronto Forms......

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