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Our Expertise

We are experts in designing and building custom software & database solutions for the small business owner.
Every system we build is unique to the business it is made for, with a guaranteed Return on Investment.

At the begining of every great custom design is the need to listen to our customers and help them discover a truely dynamic solution for their business.


We spend time with our customers, find out what makes their business work, the processes they have, improvements they want to make and ultimately how they want to develop their business further.


Each software system we design is unique to the business who wants it.


Whether the business needs an on premise solution or something which is available off site, as part of the design process we look at what the immediate and future needs are of the business and look to incorporate this within the initial design draft.


Throughout the build process, our customers are fully involved.  The design and build will develop and evolve as each phase is introduced to the business for review.


Our team is flexible, adaptable and fully aware of how paramenters can change in the life cycle of the project; so are ready to listen.


Unlike some software design companies, we encourage customisation.  Whilst it can be challenging, this flexability to work with our customers and build based on their needs is a true strength.

As long as it is logical, almost anything is possible in the world of software design.



Integration has been key within our UK business and the majority of our customers have a link of some sort to a thrd party application - Sage 50 Accounts and Payroll being just 2 examples.


If there is an API available, we can typically integrate with it and smooth the data transfer and transaction process; why duplicate tasks and data when it can be sync'd with what you have.

Integrate - APIs


The systems we build for our customers are forever developing, and as the busiess grows and their needs change our team ensures that the software grows with them.


We pride ourselves on being there for our customers at the very begining, helping them to develop their busiess through our software designs, and just being there as they grow.


We work with a number of languages and systems including SQL Server, MySQL Server, VB.Net, ASP.Net, MS Access, Sage 50 Developer Objects.

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