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Mobile Apps


Technology has moved so quickly in the last 5 years that businesses are finding themselves constantly trying to keep up and deliver something different and unquie to both their customers and their team.


Mobile Apps is the 'next big thing' and more and more business owners are realising how important this technology means to the growth of their business.

What is it?

In today's fast paced world many wonder what really is mobile app development, so in simple terms it is the process of making or creating a mobile application to run on various mobile platforms.  A mobile platform being the operating system on the mobile device.


Google's mobile platform is Android, Apple's is called iOS, Windows has Windows Mobile and RIM has blackberry.  Each platform is different to the oher, has its own rules, regulations and requirements when creating an app, so you can't just build 1 app that covers all, you need to build one for each platform you want.

What do you need to consider?


So you have identified that you want and need a mobile app within your business, it might want it geared towards internal use and functionality or maybe you want something available to your customers and/or suppliers, whatever option you decide there are things you will need to consider;


  • Is it for internal or external use?

  • Does the user interface need to be flashy or functional?

  • What mobile devices do you want it available on?

  • Do you have internal software or systems that you want to be able integrate with the app?

  • Do you have any specific features or functions that the app needs for the end user?

  • What is your budget?

  • What is your timescale?


How can Breeze help?


Breeze has proven experience working with small and micro businesses; listening to their wants, learning about their customer's business and developing software solutions that fit the business needs & goals.


Cost effective, productive and efficient - all key factors when deciding on what and who is your working partner.  But more importantly it is the personal connection, the communication between each other and the feeling that you are not simply a number in a faceless development process, but you are an individual and ultimately Breeze's number 1 priority.

Every customer and every project is specific to that individual business so pricing is simply based upon those needs, the functionality required and the platforms that need to be developed.

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