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Quickbooks Certified User - nearly there!

I have just started my online training with Quickbooks as a certified user and so far so good.

The training modules are logical and are in 'bite size' chunks so have been perfect, especially when trying to fit them in with family, demands of the kids, moving house and the running of 3 businesses.

I have been using Sage 50 Accounts for the last 13 years, as an experienced user of the software, trainer and through our developer links for installation and support, so whilst Quickbooks is a completely different product, the principles are exactly the same. Just need to experiment and play with the software, to find the short cuts and quick wins that all great software systems have.

So onwards, back to school and learning again - it's all healthy so I am told.

Quickbooks is so similiar to Sage, and whilst i don't believe that there is one single accounts software package that will fit all; these 2 definately seem to address the majority of small businesses needs. Looking forward to completing the first module and then onwards to Level 1 and beyond!


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