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Commisson won for bespoke database - Lawn Care & Yard Maintenance Business

DME, a small business based in Orlando, is in the process of acquiring a lawn care and yard maintenance business and has come to Breeze Technology to build a software solution for them.

Having researched a number of pre-built Lawn care software options, DME found that there wasn't one product out there that would do all that they needed, adapt to what they wanted and remain price competitive. Many providers were asking for monthly subscriptions and an upfront set up fee, some tied in other services to the software which meant that if DME wanted to move away from the software in time, it couldn't be done very easily.

So that's where Breeze came in. DME's client base stretches over 6 counties in Florida; Polk, Lake, Orange being just 3 and they wanted a system that would manage their scheduling better. They had nothing in place, and whilst word documents, manual diaries and excel sheets have worked fine so far DME realised that they needed something more; something automated, something simple to use, something that integrated with their QBs and just as important something that was cost effective.

Work has started on this bespoke commission and delivery with full implementation is expected prior to the acquisition date in late March. As a small business starting out Breeze was happy to offer a 12 month payment arrangement; that means that DME get the software designed, installed and are fully trained now so they can then focus on developing their business and increasing their profits (through the help of our software solution of course!)

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