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Connections trip to Orlando

I have just returned from a short 'connections' trip to Downtown Orlando, and the welcome has been absolutely fantastic!

Orlando Chamber of Commerce held a Members Link event at their headquarters whilst i was there and it was a pleasure to be invited to attend. Met some great new businesses and some interesting people, positive connections and hopefully some strong business alliances. Learnt all about what great works the chamber does and importnatly got time to just 'chill' with other business owners.

Then, the following day, I was invited as a guest by the Chamber to attend one of their exclusive Member Referral groups; where this time it was downtown Orlando at 8am sharp! More new faces and some great contacts made. Everyone was just so positive, chirpy and went out of their way to help me feel welcome - crumbs if every experience is like the last 2 days then I can't wait to get over there in our US office and connect up!

Utterly exhausted, loads of miles driven and loads of names to remember and keep in touch with - BUT totally worth it. Breeze can make such a positive impact on the small business owner; how they operate, how the work flows and how they manage the bottom line, and I am 100% convinced that the Floridians are genuiely open to that personal service we provide our customers. I am sooooooo excited at the thought of working with those Floridians and helping them make a difference.

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